At MediaPlant, we prefer the communication philosophy “Show, Don’t Tell.” We like to approach business communications and marketing in the same way you would approach personal communications. That is, we understand that people like looking at pictures. In the business world, visual messaging—from creative infographics to elegant UX design—draws in your audience and is easier to consume. We involve our creative design team in every project, whether they’re creating custom artwork or simply lending a creative eye to a content or technical piece.


“Content might be king, but visual communication draws in your audience and is easy to consume in today’s digital-first world.”


Telling a visual story

Word-heavy traditional marketing and sales materials don’t always work in a digital-first world. The days of reading pages and pages of product or program related content are obsolete, but that doesn’t mean your products and programs are. We develop content with digital consumption in mind—that is, we combine content with visuals to better tell your story and get your point across.

Future of Marketing Whitepapers: Microsoft engaged MediaPlant to conduct extensive qualitative research on the convergence of new technology trends and the business of marketing. Research reports can be long and boring—we wanted something more engaging! Distilling hundreds of hours of interviews and research, we created five fully-illustrated reports to help marketing business leaders understand the changing technology landscape at a strategic level.

Making your brand work for you

Don’t let your brand guidelines limit your creativity. We work with your brand to create materials that align with your organization’s visual guidelines, yet still have originality and impact.

Illustrated eBooks: We wrote a series of cloud-focused small business eBooks for Microsoft, and instead of delivering boring, traditional, content-heavy documents, we illustrated them by implementing Microsoft’s brand graphics at their most hip and playful level to express the quirky, person-to-person nature of small business.


Designing for form and function

Building a website, online portal, or interactive tool? Expert developers and ingenious code are only part of the equation. Usability begins with great design.

Interactive Case Study: When Microsoft asked us to help tell a customer success story, we recommended something new—a visual, illustrated case study developed as an online interactive showcase. Since the customer was a retailer, we showed an illustrated version of the actual sales floor, allowing viewers to "visit" the various Microsoft-powered stations, to learn more about the technology solutions at play.

Thinking outside the box

We offer unique visual approaches, like comics style graphic storytelling, based on your needs and your audience. Using graphic storytelling for communication does not mean dressing your product in a cape and tights and dropping “Zap! Bam! Pow!” all over your materials. You can use a variety of mature graphic approaches and styles to engage your audience without resorting to condescension or cliché.

Onboarding Video: A team asked us to develop a fun, dynamic presentation to introduce new hires to the organization’s leadership and strategic mission. We proposed a “team of spies” concept and worked with professional cartoonists and illustrators to capture the essence of each division’s role and leadership, using satirical versions of well-known pop-culture characters.


Compete Campaign: A team engaged us to create competitive field readiness materials for its sales teams. Rather than sticking with the status-quo, we strategized to figure out how to get the busy, on-the-go sales field to actually use the materials and quickly grasp the complex messaging. To that end, we created unique, visually compelling competitive tools, using stylized illustrations in a comic book format to engage the target audience. The campaign included several online training courses, interactive discussion guides, posters, and a printed comic book sales guide.

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