In today’s digital world, internal business communication—whether it’s top down, bottom-up, cross-team, or peer to peer—is a lot more collaborative and productive when you use the right tools at the right time. That’s where we come in. When it comes to digital tools, we don’t offer cookie cutter solutions. Instead, we design and develop custom solutions that take into consideration your objectives and users, and allow your team to work more efficiently. Are you onboarding or training employees? Sharing and collaborating on content with your team? Distributing sales and marketing materials to a dispersed sales field? We understand your communication challenges and help you deliver your message on the right medium.


Internal portals and team sites

We specialize in SharePoint architecture, design, and development, helping clients improve usability, navigation, and access to content and tools. Our approach allows clients to use the SharePoint features that work best for their teams and needs. For teams that want to manage the site and make future updates themselves, we develop solutions using easy-to-manage SharePoint web parts and lists. For teams that want all the bells and whistles or have complex needs, we skip the out-of-the-box features and create custom functionality. Plus, we offer access management support, content management and organization, and ongoing maintenance to help ease the site management effort.


“MediaPlant has a robust technical development practice designing, creating, and managing digital tools for business communication. ”


Responsive site design

We understand that communication and collaboration tools are only successful if your team actually uses them, so we create mobile friendly solutions that can be viewed and accessed from wherever your team is working, on whatever device they’re using. We design sites to be responsive, for good usability on various screen sizes from large desktop monitors to small laptop screens, and we design versions for use on mobile devices (phones and tablets), with consideration of mobile navigation, page content, and accessibility of site content.


Dashboards and data visualization tools

We create simple and accessible ways to expose data trends, track, measure, and manage complex processes, and bring information to life. We build tools that help you and your audience visualize, update, and manipulate complex data or business rules for a more vivid and convincing presentation of information, and we can integrate your back-end live data with sophisticated front-end design in custom-made web-based tools, SharePoint widgets, dashboards, scorecards, dynamic infographics, and calculators.

Interactive training

Online training and e-learning are a great way to keep your team up to date on sales, product, service, and company policy information. We design and develop interactive training and certification tools that stand out for their design, clarity, and instructional value. And we can develop online training programs to work with your back-end systems so results and certifications are recorded for compliance purposes.

Are you using the right tools for a digital-first world?
We can help you create digital communication solutions that make sense of complexity, foster collaboration, and help share your message.

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