Microsoft ODM China Technology Ecosystem Sizzle Video

The vibrant, fast-paced Chinese city of Shenzhen is a hardware maker’s paradise. Any imaginable electronic component can be quickly procured from the Huaqianbei Market, enabling makers to build prototypes in weeks as opposed to the many months it takes elsewhere. This has ignited a culture of rapid innovation that has attracted IoT Device makers from around the world. Microsoft is a major supplier in this technology space with Azure and AI, and the ODM China Technology Ecosystem team wanted a high-energy video to quickly introduce their Original Design Manufacturer partners to Shenzhen’s maker community. Working on a tight turn-around, MediaPlant refashioned existing testimonials into a story consistent with Microsoft’s ODM partner strategy, and then shaped the interview footage, location b-roll, and music into a compelling presentation that conveys the excitement of being on the forefront of the digital transformation in Shenzhen.

Microsoft ODM CTE
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Video Post-Production