Anytime Academy Toolkit Asset Bank

Anytime Academy is the educational component of Microsoft’s Anytime Funding entrepreneurship incubator program, providing incubation teams with a wealth of useful information and resources. The Academy is a dynamic, agile resource containing foundational theory and framework content as well as essential tools and guided activities that enable Anytime Funding teams to translate theory into action. Anytime Funding engaged MediaPlant to develop a bank of graphical assets that they could utilize as they generate learning materials and build out their curriculum. To encourage and retain team participation we conceived a fun, 1970s retro aesthetic compatible with the larger Anytime Funding visual identity. We then executed a series of graphical metaphors illustrating a wide variety of concepts and also created a set of templates—eBooks, worksheets, discussion guides, PowerPoint presentations—to enable rapid deployment of long-form learning materials, entrepreneurship training, team-building activities, and virtual event collateral.

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